By Katie Dawes + Mon, Aug 11, 2017 You should go further than hookup apps when you need to find a one night stand. Looking for a good time these days? Sex apps like Tinder have been one of the hottest trends in dating, but there are so many other creative ways to approach meeting your next bae. “One of my favorite Tinder moments was the woman at the next table in a coffee shop,” says Ashley Messina of the magazine Real Dating Advice. “She was about my age, wearing an awesome outfit, so I message her and she texts me back — only it was the woman in the outfit she was just wearing!” Ashley Messina Not everything about meeting a one night stand has to be cyber, explains Messina. “Sometimes, you know where to find that person: that person who bought you a drink at the bar, or that friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s the same search process, but the medium’s different.” Here are a few other creative ways to find someone to get rompedy with, and that you know you’re going to like: Sitcoms Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up To Be The sitcom — from the Golden Girls to Friends to The Office — hasn’t changed a lot since the days when Kirk decided to give his girlfriend a “trial by fire” and hook her up with a serious player, a la Friends’ Rachel. The problem, says real-life dating and relationship expert Sara Benincasa, is that the sitcom ideal is so unattainable that pretty much no one puts forth effort to go about finding a potential spouse. If you want an actual, real-life connection, she says, you have to actively be looking for it in every person you meet. “I like to think about TV sitcoms as a form of dating in that there are a few of the characters that you’re drawn to even though you don’t know why you feel that way,” she says. Remember the Lonely Island Forget about the high concept of The Lonely Island’s romantic comedy film Popstar: Never Stop Never Sto
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Bigger PenisThere are health risks. The penis of a 30-year-old man starts to shrink. Your semen becomes thinner and gets more diluted. Your ability to pump semen out of the penis on your own decreases. But research from medical professionals at Johns Hopkins says that penis size has little or no effect on the ability to have or the probability of having sex, birth control, STDs or even a career, says The Atlantic. While it has been scientifically proven that bigger penis increases ejaculation with sex. The researchers suggest that length and diameter of the penis is influenced by the environment. The effect of nutrition on penis size is not proven at all. It’s a bit like what they say for beard growth. Porn And Casual Sex Well here is the case of women. As we just have mentioned in casual sex, women need protection. Sexual disease is really a women issue. Although men have several ways to prevent infection sexually, including condom use, latex barriers (dental dams are great if you’re trying to avoid a sore mouth), safer sex education, and abstinence, women’s safest way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy is through using a condom. They also need a handy form of birth control. Wait It’s All The Time There are no health risks to casual sex. As long as you’ve met someone you respect and trust and you don’t have an STD, you should be as safe as you are with a long-term mate. It isn’t just risky to have sex without protection, it’s actually dangerous — 40 percent of pregnancies in the U.S. each year are from sexually transmitted diseases. The more potentially damaging situation might be sexting — which involves sending sexual messages or nude photos of oneself. The way these texts are sent can be most revealing and are often compared to a boyfriend or girlfriend reporting to his/her parents about first time sex. If your partner has a sexual or drug addiction, it’s the perfect way to ensure that he/she has some illicit, alcohol-fueled sex time with you. There are many dangers to sexting and cybersex. But it’s not the best idea for anyone’s health. Your kinky sexting partner doesn’t need to look back and see you semi-naked, and it’s not likely to make you feel very sexy either. Not to mention all that fact that one in every six teens admit to having sexted and one in three teens say they have sent sexts.

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