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the In your Home Everyday Repair Home Improvement Repair & Improvement Window Covering Installer Information Prices Banners Other Financing Options Banners Omaha Windows & Doors, Inc. is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Call us today at (402) 587-9472. Information: (402) 587-9472. Call-800-622-1665. 80,_000129.jpg) 3-9-2014 2015-2017 A Fairy Tale — A very special 2018 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray for Megan Harris and the entire family! The recipient of the special 2014 Police Foundation Courage award, Harris is a Florida-based paramedic who suffered life-threatening injuries in the line of duty. The Corvette’s model year coincides with Megan’s 23rd birthday, so her parents, Richard and Karen, made sure to surprise Megan, who just finished chemotherapy, by buying her the car on her birthday in April. Megan and the Corvette will be in attendance at the Police Foundation’s 26th annual tournament of the Special Operations Division of the Police Athletic League (PAL) in June, and Megan’s extended family will provide a special homecoming gift for Megan on her special day. $18,988 3 Front $28,201 4 Rear $16,555 Side 2015-2017 A Fairy Tale Thanksgiving weekend sales records were set for Chevrolet dealers across North America, including in May for the third straight month. Sales were led by the 2017 Colorado and 2017 Silverado, both of which enjoyed sales increases that were more than double the gains seen the previous year. 3 2015-2017 A Fairy Tale POWER AND PERFORMANCE. Supercharged Trunk Lid. Rear Parking Sensors. Rear Splash Guards. Onboard Wi-Fi. The 2017 Colorado is coming in with big news: a new supercharged V8 engine that channels 555 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque. The new addition, an all-aluminum 8.1-liter, twin-turbo V8, is the most powerful in the segment. It is bolted to a new, 9-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles. The result? The 2017 Colorado is now able to tow up to a maximum of 7,500 lbs, making it the latest wheeled vehicle to out-

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