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IMAGE DETAILS Image size 2500x3726px 2.08 MB Show More Published : Feb 26, 2017Q: Why do i get the “ValueError: the truth value of a DataFrame is ambiguous” when doing this in Python and Pandas? df = pd.DataFrame({‘A’ : [‘foo’, ‘bar’], ‘B’ : [‘asdf’, ‘qwer’], ‘C’ : [1.0, 2.1]}) df = df[[‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’]].rename(columns = {‘A’ : ‘key’, ‘B’ : ‘value’, ‘C’ : ‘other’}) This code will result in the following error message: ValueError: the truth value of a DataFrame is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all() I dont understand why this error is happening here, and why isnt it happening at other lines? A: Pandas is being “clever”, and tries to warn you that renaming and indexing in this way will render some transformations ambiguous. This is due to the different semantics of renaming and indexing. renaming does not modify the dataframe itself, while indexing does. In [11]: pd.DataFrame({‘A’ : [1], ‘B’ : [2]}, index=[‘foo’]) Out[11]: A B foo 1 2 In [12]: pd.DataFrame({‘A’ : [‘foo’, ‘bar’], ‘B’ : [‘asdf’, ‘qwer’], ‘C’ : [1.0, 2.1]}, index=[‘foo’]) Out[12]: A B C foo bar 1.0 1 2.1 2 Note that the column ‘A’ is also called ‘foo’ in the 2nd example, since the name of the column is implicitly important. Indexing the same values will rename them (and mark the original row as “previous”), but not generally index them. In [13]: df Out[13]: A

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All-in-1 Personal Information Manager Crack + With Serial Key Free

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What’s New In All-in-1 Personal Information Manager?

All-in-1 Personal Information Manager is a neat software solution that allows you to organize and manage information on your contacts, links, appointments, tasks, events and many more items. All-in-1 Personal Information Manager Features: •Organize and manage data on your computer • Add sticky notes, tasks, lists with groceries, questions, routines, follow-up questions, objectives and plans • Create a list of Internet links, bookmarks, and files in your computer • Keep a journal and enter information each day • Add pictures in your records • Keep a list of all books and media files that you’ve read or watched • Restrict access inside the application using a password • Print various lists All-in-1 Personal Information Manager… 2GB Disk – 4GB Memory – 3D Animation – Mega Monster Rescue Download for free Mega Monster Rescue. You will be able to play the game online. Our site is fully optimized for the following devices: PC Windows. All Game Videos – 4k/3D – Video Games… It is an online all-new game with twist – more fun, more playing – it is BLAST! It is an online all-new game with twist – more fun, more playing – it is BLAST! Watch all the latest and best games here: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: HOULDABRIDA: 1. All Game Videos – 4k/3D – Video Games – BLAST! 2. LONDON NICKNAME DOGGING LONDON, OFFICIAL – City Dogg 3. THIS IS LONDON – City Dogg 4. BURGER KING HUNGER – Porkslap 5. HOPALONG HOLIDAY – Keystone Resort

System Requirements For All-in-1 Personal Information Manager:

Windows XP/2000/NT/2003/VISTA Mac OS X 10.3 or later Linux FreeBSD ( or higher) Slackware (9.0.2 or higher) Fedora (9.0.2 or higher) SuSE (9.0.2 or higher) OpenBSD (1.1 or higher) Features: Super fast and lightweight Full OpenGL compatibility

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