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(Emotional And Social Literacy for Young Adults) You dont buy a horse because you. JENNIFER HAWKINS, M.A., PH.D. . By clicking download button,you can get Business Goals 1 Student’s Book PDF file on your computer.Q: How to style a table header? I found a table header generator and it does what I want. However it uses divs and the style sheet clearly states that a table header should contain a thead and tbody elements. I thought maybe a way to style this would be to wrap the header in a table and style the td tags. But even using display: table; does not work. HTML: number updates 1 1 2 1 3 1 CSS: .table-header { border: solid 5px; height: 60px; display: table; } .table-header thead,.table-header tbody { display: table-row-group; }

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