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I have win32 application and i need to create a shortcut, how should i do that? If you need to create a shortcut that runs a program, a batch file will work: call “C:\Program Files\MyApplication\MyProgram.exe” If you only want to link ( or shortcut) to the MyApplication.exe file, then use “C:\Program Files\MyApplication\MyProgram.exe” as a link target in your shortcut. note that you will need to programatically use the COM interface to retrieve the path or I will have to guess a path where the executable is located. A: When you created the executable, you could have created it with the command (or in CodeBlocks) “C:\Program Files\MyApplication\MyProgram.exe” You then place your shortcuts in the same folder. school, “It’s like the one that John Lennon had, so I’d like to have my own,” Orellana said. “I just like to have a healthy mind for my future.” She was the only one in her class who didn’t go to middle school. “I like to have fun, dance, I like to have fun with my friends,” she said. She wants to be a nutritionist and a funeral director. Orellana said she doesn’t think that being in her school is an advantage, but it has taught her to be more independent. “Being a middle schooler is awesome because you get to learn more about yourself,” Orellana said. “It’s awesome because it gives you room to be yourself, and when you’re kids you don’t have any room to be yourself.” Leaving the school at 6:30 each day, the students walk to the school’s network of buses and are brought to Kamehameha Schools by one of the principal’s staff cars. Sitting in one of those buses, sometimes with 30 other students, it seems a bit monotonous, but they are friends, and they become family. But some of the students, like 14-year-old Hannah Carpenter, were born on the island and have never lived away from it. In an interview, Hannah said that before joining MSK, she was really into animals, and liked to spend 0cc13bf012

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