Cookies have an excellent reputation, at least those who come out hot right from the oven. Internet cookies do not enjoy the same privilege. These are text files that get placed on your computer for identification and other purposes. Tracking is one of the most hated activities that cookies enable, as nobody likes to have their data extracted or even sold to unknown entities. Starting with January 1st, 2020, a law went into effect forcing all websites to display cookie consent pop-ups, letting their users know their policies. Having to continuously dismiss such prompts is the most annoying thing ever, but there's a solution for that. If Chrome is your go-to browser, Cookie Popup Blocker can help you get rid of annoying pop-ups. This extension automatically dismisses all cookie-related prompts, so you can enjoy your browsing in peace. No more cookies popups Installing this extension immediately takes care of all pop-ups. As long as you browse using Chrome, you won't be bothered by those pesky banners. However, some cookies are relevant for the website's layout, so you might notice some missing elements on certain pages. If you notice that a page hasn't completely loaded, the extension could be the cause. This issue is easy to fix though, just disable the add-on for that specific site and reload the page. The extension has a tiny interface that shows you the number of blocked pop-ups. The number won't reset upon closing the browser, so you'll have an idea about the total number of skipped items as time goes by. A must-have for Chrome users Even if you don't care about what cookies do with your data, having the ability to skip permission messages is bliss. Cookie Popup Blocker is a neat Chrome extension that helps you do just that, with no configuration or time-wasting processes involved.







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No more annoying cookie popups. Key Features: Dismiss all cookie prompts Allows websites to know you consent to cookies Cookie alerts Easy to use extension Full-Featured My browsing experience with Chrome these days has been a bit boring. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new extension. But I ran into a site that recently got redesigned. A really nice design and I wanted to try out the new version in Chrome. Dreadful pop-ups were a major pain to deal with. It took me all the way till I had to switch to Firefox to get rid of them. So at this point, I don’t just want to get rid of them. I want to avoid them at all costs. This extension guarantees to do just that. With one single click, you can disable all cookie pop-ups, including consent-required ones. This one allows you to choose your cookie policy. You can also choose which websites are allowed to ask for your permission, and which ones are not. And you can also configure how many days cookies should be allowed to live on your computer, which is obviously useful for cookies that expire after a fixed amount of time. Should I even need to thank you, I will. And I can’t do without writing this review. P.S. The developer doesn’t respond in the comments of this post, but we know him. 🙂 Download at the Chrome Web Store Love, devotion and respect have become the very core of humanity’s lives. In the world we live in, people flock together, for an instant moment of love and connection. These moments are sweet and mesmerizing, till the next moment comes. However, in a world so filled with love and affection, it’s important to know what exactly separates one from another. And that is what a lot of people don’t know. After chatting with a few of my friends, I’ve noticed that we all were extremely confused as to why we’re sometimes shown as being sincere and kind, while others are just too bitter. What is this all about? I’m sure that we’ve all had these moments. Happiness is when two strangers look at each other, and say: “I like you”. What kind of person are you looking at when you open up your heart to someone? A Good person or a Bad person? Because, there are two kinds of people – good people and bad

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Cookie Popup Blocker Product Key DescriptionCookie Popup Blocker is a neat chrome extension that will help you to quickly deal with the annoying permission/cookie requests from websites. Just install it and you will never see annoying permission/cookie requests from websites again. One of the most mentioned privacy practices on the Internet is Do Not Track. This is a header that helps websites to know what sites you visit or what you do online. It is particularly useful for the visitors because it allows the web to see which websites leave cookies on your device. Cookies are text files that are placed on your device to allow web servers to remember your preferences. They are used for all kinds of things, from displaying relevant content to selling your data to third parties. At one point, third parties wanted a way to track your activity online. Rather than having to click through cookie prompts, developers created a feature in which websites could display a small window and let you disable the tracking that website does. The best part of this practice is that it doesn’t have to do anything with your browser or device. You can simply instruct a website to not track your browsing and it will follow through. Not all developers are playing fair, though. When sites get permission to track your activity, they typically use cookies as the default way to do so. In order to make certain websites follow through, developers have created a new header: Do Not Track. Most users aren’t using this feature. Some just disable the option while browsing other websites, but there is a fair chance that you might have visited a website that makes use of this header. This is what makes a new extension called Do Not Track Plus available. This is a Chrome extension that makes use of the Do Not Track option on websites and offers an extension icon that you can use as your standard, easy-to-use Do Not Track solution. What’s New in This Release: – new icon layout – updated description text – a few small UI improvements How to Install & Use: – download the extension from the Chrome Web Store – open the extension in your toolbar and click the preferences button – hit the button next to the installation for your Do Not Track Plus extension – select the option that you prefer and click the add button – enjoy the new Do Not Track Plus extension Do Not Track Plus Review & Rating: Do Not Track Plus is a new extension that offers a new way to disable tracking on the web. It’s a simple extension to use with a few b7e8fdf5c8

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A beautiful ad-free experience in a clean and a light interface Detect all the cookies from a website before they are sent to your device Then dismiss prompts from any website without any action required Removes all cookies from a website Controls allow/disallow advertisement interruptions Supports both incognito and regular browsing Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese Changelog: Version 1.2: Support for the Windows registry restart What’s new in Version 1.2: New icon Use cookies for internal needs Added setting to control all cookie requests Added setting to allow advertisement interruptions Added mouseover item selection for AD-Free mode Added mouseover item selection to AD-Free mode What’s new in Version 1.1: Provide more customization Display the number of not-asked requests Display the number of dismissed requests Display the number of prompts dismissed by default in the settings Show dismiss requests list items in the interface Show dismiss requests list items in the interface Languages: English, Spanish Download: Yes, this extension is still a beta. However, there is no reason for you to get your teeth into it now because it is fairly stable. In fact, we have installed it on multiple computers without any problems. You can find a lot of features in this extension, but some of them are definitely not needed on a regular basis. The extension will block advertisements based on your browsing history, if you don’t care about that, you can simply skip that option. The hidden setting allows you to control all ad interruptions. It could be useful to some people, but the majority might not even use it. Another feature that is on show is item-based targeting. This feature is activated with a single click, allowing you to block prompts from the websites that you don’t like. When installing the extension, you will notice an option for “always open the extension window”, but this is completely optional. After installing it, the extension will automatically detect any websites that require permission to be granted for the first time, just click on the popup and you can skip all prompts

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Turns off all popups Now all popups are ignored, allowing you to access all the content with uninterrupted focus. Works with all websites Install as a simple extension to Chrome and then set sites to block the popup. If you come back to those websites and can’t find the option, use the main menu in the right bottom corner. Easy to use Setup is simple, turn the extension on and off with a single click. No code or configuration needed. Help & Support Open a ticket about anything you encounter that doesn’t work the way it should. The ticket will be assigned to a developer and you will be informed about the status. You can also ask questions in our knowledge base. Publisher’s Description Chrome’s cookie permission pop-up has become one of the most annoying features. Cookie Popup Blocker stops all pop-ups so you can enjoy your browsing without interruption. The extension uses an easy to use interface to set websites to block pop-ups, without the need to worry about the permissions or the code. Cookie Popup Blocker is very simple to use. When you start using the extension, it automatically activates the pop-up blocker for all websites that will come up. If you set it for a specific website, it can’t interfere with other pages. Cookie Popup Blocker is very stable. The pop-up blocker is always on, so you’ll never find yourself bothered by a permission notification. If you do, just disable the extension and reload the page. I’ve used many filters for similar sites but I can’t find a filter that had the flexibility I needed for my particular site. But this one has just that. I can’t seem to search for it on their site so I’ll have to type it right here;) This plugin is awesome! I’ve never really understood why sites force pop-ups at the bottom of the screen. If you’ve ever tried to watch a video and then go to a search engine to look something up, it really makes you want to smash your computer with a baseball bat. I’ve never understood this trend in web design. It’s very frustrating and cookie popup blocker was made to prevent these little frustrations. I’m trying out the no-logs and no-puffs options, and well, I like them. Much better than disabling Javascript. I was annoyed at first with the popup counting, but

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 SP1 CPU: 1.7Ghz or higher Memory: 2GB or higher Hard Drive: 1GB free space Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS or ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro or better. Or, if using an Intel chipset, Windows must be capable of using DirectX9 as a minimum. Additional Notes: The basic rule for this guide is, “If you cannot run, then you cannot play.”

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