Descargar Contabilidad General De Nestor Paz Rar

A: I downloaded it using the official site: It gives you a zip file with all the files for a single language pack (Spanish for example). A: files are available here #ifndef Py_VIO_H #define Py_VIO_H #ifdef __cplusplus extern “C” { #endif #include #include #include /* Basic IO functions */ /* Public interface */ PyAPI_FUNC(int) PyVIO_Input(FILE *, PyObject *); PyAPI_FUNC(int) PyVIO_Output(FILE *, PyObject *); PyAPI_FUNC(int) PyVIO_GetErrno(void); /* Generic I/O object */ PyAPI_DATA(PyTypeObject) PyVIO_Type; #define PyVIO_NO_BYTES_KEYS 1 typedef struct _vio { FILE *fp; /* File pointer */ int alloc; /* ‘virtual’ file allocation counter */ void *reader; /* The input method */ void *writer; /* The output method */ void *more; /* Haltable, per io.BufferedWriter */ void *lock; /* Mutex, per io.BufferedWriter */ Py_ssize_t reader_lost; /* Reader method returned error */ Py_ssize_t writer_lost; /* Writer method returned error */ char *decoder; /* Method for decoder object */ PyObject *decoder_state; /* Returned by decoder object’s getstate() */


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