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Download. Type:..Q: How to get MSSQL database backup and restore with PowerShell? I have working within Windows Server 2012 R2 based Microsoft SQL Server instances and other databases. These databases are accessed via PowerShell using the SqlConnection.Open() syntax. I have created a script for backing up databases. There is no problem, all databases are backed up successfully (using PowerShell Snap-in tools). However, I want to be able to use the same script to restore databases that were backed-up previously. What is the syntax to do that? Do I need to revert the connection string or the dbcaption? I’m new to PowerShell and databases and all tips are welcome. A: It looks like the statement you need is the following to restore a database: SELECT name FROM sys.databases WHERE is_read_only = 0 Change is_read_only = 0 to is_read_only = 1 to restore the database. Also, you can execute a restore using the following query: RESTORE DATABASE [database_name] FROM DISK = ‘path_to_file_with_database’ WITH MOVE ‘LogicalFileName’ TO ‘path_to_new_file_with_database.mdf’, MOVE ‘LogicalFileName_2’ TO ‘path_to_new_file_with_database_2.ndf’ Then, you can execute a restore on an existing database through: RESTORE DATABASE [database_name] FROM DISK = ‘path_to_file_with_database’ WITH MOVE ‘LogicalFileName’ TO ‘path_to_new_file_with_database.mdf’, MOVE ‘LogicalFileName_2’ TO ‘path_to_new_file_with_database_2.ndf’ You can find more information on RESTORE DATABASE (Transact-SQL) on MSDN. Home This was the second time I went to Cristina’s for lunch. Last time I was with her husband. This time it was all me. She knew it was my birthday so she went all out on the food. We were here for like an hour before the waiter even came to take our order. I ordered the Spicy


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