The following is a summary of the conclusions of the PES Technical Analysis Team, so you can see what we’ve been working on for PES 2018, and the latest news regarding the game’s commercial release. ■ PES technical analysis of FIFA 22 1) Movement system “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits, was used for the real-time movement of the player. Here we will introduce the main results of the movement system, which is entirely new for PES, and was meticulously developed based on the knowledge of the PES designers. When PES developers were developing the movement system, they made it in such a way that the player would appear to use the motion-capture data of real-life players not only for movement, but also for other parts of the game, such as the pose, acceleration, movement speed, simulation of the attack, dribbling and taking players on. The movement system is contained in all of the gameplay aspects such as passing and dribbling, acceleration and movement of the player, standing still. We divided the movement system into 10 subsystems and it was developed based on the results of the analysis of 22 real-life movements. ▲1) Player Movements: These were divided into Movement, Dribbling and Shot 2) Player Body Model “Kinematics Engine” has been developed from scratch to the extent that PES doesn’t have a body model. “Kinematics Engine” has been developed from scratch to the extent that PES doesn’t have a body model. As the movement system was developed by applying the mechanism of the “Kinematics Engine” to each of the subsystems, the accuracy of the player model increased. The movements of the upper and lower body segments were also calculated based on the behavior of individual segments, and were even added to the movements of the upper and lower body segments. Due to the movement of real-life players, the upper body and lower body of the player vibrated, but because the movements of the upper and lower body of the player were calculated, those motions were accurately calculated and then linked. 3) Player Poses “Pose System”


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Brand New Physics and Real Player Movement
  • All new Player Personality
  • Expanded Storytelling
  • NEW attacking style; speed, positioning, off the ball control, and dribbling
  • NEW set plays and formation
  • New Details and Design
  • New Skill Creator
  • One Touch Playmaker
  • Innovative Online Connection
  • Battle Cam and Dream Team
  • FIFA 22 delivers the most authentic football experience.


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At the heart of FIFA stands the gameplay engine, “Powered by Football”, which delivers razor-sharp ball control, more realistic ball physics, player intelligence and responsiveness, and the most detailed league, stadium and pitch environments in the history of the franchise. The all-new Story Mode revolutionises the way you experience football by adding new goals and challenges, and letting you play through the emotional stories of more than 100 iconic real-world footballers and teams. The Story Mode also features new pre-defined gameplay scenarios such as European Cup, European Super Cup and UEFA Champions League, the latter being based on a season-by-season timeline of the legendary history of the competition. FIFA There are now more ways to play. Co-Op mode, where you play games of up to four players, can be played in three modes in Career, Season and Ultimate Team. Introducing the all-new FUT Draft mode, where you can create new starting line-ups from a pool of real-world players. FIFA Ultimate Team is now more rewarding with new gameplay elements and rewards. EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 20 is powered by new “in-game engine” called MotionScan. Move into any direction and see your players sprint with unprecedented responsiveness and control. Anatomy of a Game FIFA Ultimate Team EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The new card-based system lets players draft real players, manage their teams, and fine-tune player stats and kits to create the ultimate team. Experience all-new gameplay by combining over 250 real-world footballers with over 750 real-world kits in an ultimate back-room dream team. No matter how good your team is, every game offers new challenges: Goals, Undo, Player Personality and Foul. FIFA 20 FIFA 20 features new live, seasonal leagues in authentic locations, from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the melting pot of the UAE. FIFA 20 includes new additions to core gameplay, such as momentum, and new celebrations and goal animations. The EA SPORTS FIFA 20 demo will be available this week, and can be pre-ordered on Xbox Live or EA’s Origin platform. MASTERING THE ROSTER FIFA 20 puts more emphasis on player progression, letting players track and fill their player cards with the most bc9d6d6daa


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Whether you are a free agent player or a club manager, Ultimate Team provides endless opportunities to your squad to fine tune their skills and progress through the levels of advancement. Spend your hard-earned cash on brand-new players, as well as win special packs full of legendary players like Wayne Rooney, Kaka and Diego Costa. With all the different ways to build your squad and new ways to play every week, Ultimate Team is the most rewarding and customizable way to play FIFA. EA SPORTS™ FIFA – Get ready to experience FIFA like never before with EA SPORTS™ FIFA. From feeling the turf to dancing on the pitch, FIFA connects fans to all the emotion, excitement and drama of the beautiful game. Live every moment in the most realistic football game ever, with more than 5,000 official players and a brand new intuitive, easy-to-use presentation. Feel the speed, hear the roar and experience the ultimate gameplay. PLAYER AGE RANGE Player Age Range – Players in EA SPORTS FIFA 22 can be a mixture of adult and junior licensed players. Select the youngest player you can find for each team in a particular match. SIGNS AND SYMBOLS Rough Out – Tough 0-0 and 1-0 games are common in FIFA. A rough out may be called when the match is only 0-0 or 1-0. In these games, the team that has possession of the ball during stoppages in play has a numerical advantage. FIFA GOALS AND EXPLOSIONS Improved offensive animations allow the ball to bounce realistically when it strikes the ground, and the ball spins, flies and even curves into the net. FIFA can now make offensive headers the most exciting part of a goal; see your player perform a bevy of cool and varied moves: lay the ball off the goalpost, flick the ball off the ground, shimmy and wiggle, tap-dance, buzz over the goalkeeper, go over the defender, even cannon it into the top corner. Whether playing solo or in a team, FIFA has more fun-to-do and unique ways to score than ever before. There are less than 200 players on the pitch at any time, so you’ll see and interact with the best players in the world. Perform quick-paced one-on-one duels, display dribbling skills, or dominate the midfield. FIFA 22 In-Game Commentary is now available in Italian,


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New standalone Companion App for iOS and Android
  • Game-changing Move Kit: Create pro moves with just one tap to create your own jigga jigga move. Add anticipation, pace, stepover and flicks to pad of your choice.
  • Patreon: Higher the rewards, higher the support: You can pick higher-tier unlocks with greater frequency. Use your pledge to participate in our larger rewards program – monthly rewards, giveaways, exclusive unlocked items, and vote to determine what’s coming to Fifa 22 next.
  • Real Player Motion: Our AI engine now analyzes player movement data to create actions with greater realism, personality and idiosyncrasies.
  • In-depth changes: We enhanced passing, shooting, dribbling, shooting, buildup, goalkeepers, etc. – All created after taking feedback from our community.
  • Level the field: Speed up the pace of the game in the new 0.8 second startup countdown and shot clock animations.
  • Pivoting: Teleport around the ball in the new pivot animation.
  • Natural Player Ligatures: As players wear over time, the animation of their movements are gradually improved.
  • Clean Ligatures: Create new player animations with the same accuracy as we already have in 4K TVs.
  • Pro Player Ratings: As players progress in the game, the game automatically assigns more player attributes to them based on their recent form.
  • Silent Shot: Release the shot from in front of the player to get a better chance at scoring.
  • Improved free kicks: Create more functional strikes, from inside the box, outside the box and heading.
  • Improved scoring: Fine tune goalkeepers, strikers, and scorers for increased accuracy.
  • Golden Boot: Everyone has their favourite player to face for the golden boot. Now they can be more competitive.
  • Speed of Game – 1080p: The fastest football ever.


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EA SPORTS FIFA 20 delivers the most authentic soccer gameplay experience with fundamental gameplay changes that will be groundbreaking to the franchise’s 25-year history. The Biggest Soccer Game of the Decade EA SPORTS FIFA 20 brings the most authentic soccer gameplay experience of any sports title in the history of gaming. Now, with every aspect of gameplay upgraded and improved, FIFA 20 delivers the most authentic soccer gameplay experience of any sports title in the history of gaming. REAL WORLD – MESSI-MARKED Matchday fatigue is finally over. The legendary Brazilian has lent his likeness to EA SPORTS FIFA 20, making the most-anticipated update of the year even more appealing than ever. Iconic players come in all shapes and sizes, and EA SPORTS FIFA 20 includes new, special editions that bring these players to life. Now only limited editions are available, and have never been so exciting. Each limited edition will be available as a unique item on the FIFA Points Marketplace. THE MOST EXPANSIVE GAME OF SEX, LOVE AND GRIT Five romantic storylines, spread across the entire global soccer calendar. Create a love story with your favourite player. Maximise your favourite club’s chances in the Transfer Market. Use an upgraded Transfer Matchmaker to shape the future of your club’s squad in a variety of different scenarios. Blank Script: The Russian Premier League Making his debut for the Seals this season is none other than the legendary Brazilian magician, Neymar. CONTROLS In FIFA 20, FIFA Authentic Motion Control (FAMC) allows players to dictate how they perform moves, creating a faster, flatter, more realistic and more enjoyable footballing experience. Driven by the new concept of player movements in FIFA 20, authentic player controls allow for more complex but nuanced ball movement and handling. FIFA 20’s all-new player movement control system has been created in partnership with leading players and training experts to offer players more complex but nuanced ball movement and handling. The FIFA 20 Player Impact Engine is the key to this – authentic animations and player intelligence ensure players can make the simple and complex movements required to earn perfect timing and precision. The combination of new player model, player AI and the new player movement control system give players the ability to move the ball in the same way players have in the real world for the first time. POWERFUL NEW ENGINE With its powerful new Engine powered


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