Hi, and welcome to The Game Deadness. This game is a simple, yet interesting, story-telling experience. I am designing this game with the narrative first, and then trying to add features based off of how well the story plays out. In the game you are a group of settlers, who are the only survivors after a plane crash. Every day, you get up, eat, sleep, drink water, watch out for predators, and try to go to bed… What you don’t know, is that you are the last survivors of your plane crash. You will have to navigate through 10 worlds, fighting off Zombies and other dangers along the way. I am currently working on an arcade mode. So you will be able to shoot/fly/fight/throw anything. So far, I am about 80% done with it. One thing I recommend is to have a load out/inventory and items are stored in the inventory. I will add more info as I get it. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to play, join our discord: The project I am currently working on is ‘Eatsleepdrinkbeyond’ — Join our discord: Don’t forget to ‘Like’ The Game. -Xau By the way, try to fix this description. This is the PVS mod. PVS is a free and open-source content tracker. You can visit the official website to learn more: A few minor changes from the original, including a new art style and a few more features: -There is now also a specific settings menu that can be used to change settings such as: transparency, ambient light, image size (smaller canvas), image mode, etc. -Added a fair warning before saving the image. -Added a system of enemies. -There is a proper save/load system. -The textures have been spruced up and there is now a basic tutorial on how to use the mod. -There is now custom icons for most items, like shoes, gloves, weapons, etc. -There are now larger icons for the armors that can be equipped. -There is now also a tooltip that shows up if you hover over the icons. -Added units,


Features Key:

  • Brand new story to discover about the lost monks
  • Beautiful graphics and a lot of highly customizable graphic options (on/off shadow, environment, fog and atmosphere effects)
  • Realistic environments
  • A lot of core graphic options (artistic or hobbyistic…)
  • Soundtracks from the real game
  • Civilized, non-conflict, relaxing atmosphere
  • 11 new scenarios (47 NG + 2 NG+ re-release, one of them playable with the homestory version)
  • Unity gamemode for both NG and H
  • Html+css/javascript version for NG for both windows and Linux
  • Lost Eidolons Game release info:

    Lost Eidolons Game was released on June 30, 2019 as a webgame (a webbrowser version) with no changes from the original game version.

    Lost Eidolons Game(X) » >

    Lost Eidolons Game Windows » >

    Lost Eidolons Game Mac » >

    Lost Eidolons Game Linux » >

    Lost Eidolons Game Homestory Game Key features:

    • The famous homestory french version of the game
    • 3 homestory and time travel scenarios
    • Basic graphic options to adapt


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    • Download the For…suffixed version of the game
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    Updated (05/20/19):

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    System Requirements For Galaxy Wide Domination – Name Manager:

    -OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 -CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2300+ -RAM: 256 MB or more -DirectX®: Version 9.0 -Hard Drive: 7.8 GB or more You can download the game from the link below and run it. To run this game, you need to download it. Then run it. Please understand that there are other tools that can support running this game.


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