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Mini Tekton Features Key:

  • It’s a game that fits for all ages. It can be played by everyone from kids to adults.
  • It’s scary that doesn’t involve any violence. It’s a game of magical monsters with a touch of drama and despair.
  • Players are spared from the ugliness of fighting battles that involve killing the monstrous enemy.
  • It’s a game where monsters appear only out of boredom and do without serious intention of creating trouble.
  • It’s very addictive because of its elegant gameplay and storyline.

How to Play                   

  • Select a game character and get into the middle with his/her story.
  • Pick up items for your character to use in battle.
  • With sufficient patience and skillful game play, the ways of prevailing are piled up. Players can change the course of the game with increasing skills and characters.


  • Explore interesting game scenes and find out how the story progresses.


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System Requirements For Mini Tekton:

* Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8 (32 or 64-bit). * Software and data files will be downloaded to your hard drive. * If using Internet Explorer, it is suggested to use the latest version of the browser. * This game may cause minor visual changes to the screen, such as decreased text and window frame size. * This game may increase or decrease your computer’s internal hard drive space. Original Story: The latest information about the event, as well as the event


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