In Canary in a Crater you take on the role of Dan, an intrepid young explorer, as he ventures into the mines of a distant planet, to discover its secrets. Armed with a hunger for fame, fortune, and glory, Dan has staked everything on finding the elusive earth metal of Kurzhenko, a rich and ancient metal rumored to be capable of powering even the most high-tech of devices. Where this adventure takes you, who you meet, and what you find is completely up to you. But Dan’s journey leads him into the very heart of the planet and deep into a vast cavern, where he will have to make some hard choices if he wants to return to his home on the surface. Key Features: A Deep Miner’s Journey: Dig deep into the terrain of the planet to mine for valuable resources, unlock secret upgrades, and acquire the tools to defend yourself as you encounter new dangers. Exploration and Escapes: Create your own path to the exit of each level by venturing into mines, through a never-ending maze of rock, into deep caverns, and across treacherous lava flows. Stake Your Claim: With an arsenal of gadgets and upgrades, Dan has the ability to transform his asteroid with high-tech digging tools to overcome obstacles and find shortcuts. Discovering Your Mine: The asteroids look exactly like an asteroid, but, as you dig into them, you’ll find a portal to another world. On the other side of the portal, you’ll find an entirely new mine! The Collector’s Dream: Once you have found the Earth Metal of Kurzhenko, travel to the surface of your planet to claim the riches and acclaim of being the first explorer to discover the planet’s secret. Why Buy Me? Lots of Game Features: Challenge yourself to locate all 10 Vibranium deposits, a wealth of collectables, 15 bonus levels, time trials, and tons of unlockable features and upgrades! Indie-Style Story: Explore the mines, venturing into deeper and deeper depths of danger, and uncover a great adventure! Anchor-Free Play: Can you dig yourself out? Enjoy play even when there is no internet connection! Play the Game Anywhere: Play the game anywhere on any device with a screen size of 4:3 or 16:9. Supported by Canocoa Games: Play the game and get updates and future content free of charge


Features Key:

  • Graphics ranging from Fractal, 2D, and 3D based on OpenGL;
  • The generated levels become more complex as the game progresses and eventually lead into a total chaos;
  • The game duration is limited to some extent by realistic fog layer;
  • Greatest difficulty and most thrilling puzzles;
  • You will get access to several hidden or brain dead features later in the game in order to reach the maximum experience you can get. ;);
  • Amazing Game Artworks;
  • New level’s design, resizing, editing, and etc;
  • You can create your own levels also with ease.
  • Protection from game altering with clip;
  • Games can be saved to play later in another run or for share through mobile devices;
  • Funny and endless gameplay with a music and sound tracks;
  • Special items for a variety of levels also;
  • Animated Artificial Intelligence;
  • Friendly Game Audience;
  • You can join the addictive game and share your progress with other gamers.


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Florence is a short visual novel/love story, which starts off with a train to Florence, a cute girl sitting next to you and some silly dialogue. That’s where things kinda stop, because the next few hours will have you playing Florence’s story. But because it’s a visual novel, your choices and the story progress through the dialogue choices you make. Florence follows a narrative that a normal girl (Florence) gets her first love crush at first sight but it turns out into a complicated thing. You can choose how this turns out and there are several love interests. Florence is also pretty easy to play if you know how visual novels work, just go for dialogue choices and you can breeze through it. Florence’s dialogue can sometimes sound cheesy and can get a little cringe-worthy and after awhile there’s just not a whole lot to say because you’ve been stuck with this situation for so long. However, the story is still enjoyable and the dialogue only adds to the experience. The first of the few endings and the ending itself is rather sad and not exactly what you’d expect. There are a few possible endings and you won’t know what happens until you play the game multiple times and make different choices. Florence is a pretty easy game to play and the ending is worth it, even if it’s not what you had in mind. However, the game does contain a lot of awkward moments and the first time you play the game you might wonder why you bothered. Florence’s music is rather simple with the exception of a few catchy songs. The music only adds to the experience. It is one of the good aspects of this game and something that really sets it apart from other visual novels. You can play Florence in English, French, Spanish and German. Florence is a love story and has a main character named Florence. She is a character and has feelings and thoughts and wants to have fun. She wants to get to know this guy, find out what her feelings are about him. At the same time this guy is just floating along, not really even caring for her. He’s just floating through life. It’s a beautiful story and a cute romance. It’s beautiful as well as an interesting, quirky, love story. Florence: A Visual Novel is a short but has a lot to tell. It’s a romantic comedy that deals with first love, and how to deal with love in a world that seems to not deal with it. It


What’s new in NAIRI: Rising Tide:

    Tweet To call Prince Ash of Raildex Games a “maiden” would be an understatement. And calling him a “game developer” is an understatement, although within the confines of his own space-time continuum, he might not feel himself as a person, but simply as a mere object created by the code of “reality”. This being so, the scope of Prince Ash’s ambitions extend far beyond building a new new realm, or making heroes out of real-time transhuman digital edutainment. His ultimate goal is to purge the universe of all human “fuzz”, that is, glitch, shit and occasionally incriminating secrets. First on the list is the Glitch and why it needs to be burnt away; then Glitch Protocol, a guide to live-action video game and film production. It’s a very good read if you are thinking about dabbling in the performance capture art of videogame motion capture. Consciously and subconsciously, everything Prince Ash does is motivated by his grander goal to become self-aware, and become a single point in the Cosmos. And this attention to negative, abstract and cosmic phenomena, drives him to protect and cherish the good, such as very beautiful songs. All of which give rise to the question, why the fascination with the untruthful impulses of the mind? I don’t want to delve too deeply in the mystery to even come close to articulating such a thing, but I’d like to hear your opinion on this. *** “Reality” is… just the word. To me, the word is a bit misplaced, but functional. An illusion that your ordinary perceptions and rational thinking create. But a “true” illusion, where everything you see is actually not an illusion at all, but a tantalising glimpse into the undiscovered “real” world. Censoring the truth to fit your perception and reasoning is not the same as the truth itself; it is only a partial view. I would rather call it “just a word”, as it does not have any objective existence in the space-time continuum. The universe, mind and Consciousness come first. All of his songs concern this idea, but most directly, the desire to dissolve them into a more complete picture. Where reality is selective perception, this state of perfection cannot come


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    In Game of Thrones, you are Lord Eddard Stark, the commander of the Night’s Watch. Your noble family has ruled the Seven Kingdoms for generations, but the north is under invasion. With total control of the Realm’s resources and economy, you are free to rule as you please – but only when the enemy is defeated. You will play as: Lord Eddard Stark, ruler of Winterfell, Lord of Winterfell, First of His Name, King in the North Arya Stark, Eddard’s eldest daughter, of whom he is the Lord Protector Brandon Stark, Eddard’s youngest son Catelyn Stark, Eddard’s wife Olenna Tyrell, Queen of the Reach Arya’s Hand in the Lannister household House Lannister Tyrion Lannister, son of Lord Tywin, a ruthless schemer and conniver Cersei Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and the mother of the current ruling king Jaime Lannister, son of Lord Tywin, a skilled soldier Joffrey Lannister, prince of the Seven Kingdoms and the current ruling king Brienne, a Northern knight serving Cersei Lannister House Targaryen Aegon Targaryen, the current ruling king Viserys Targaryen, Prince of Westeros, the late ruling king’s son Doran Martell, ruler of Dorne, one of the Fourteen Kingdoms Oberyn Martell, the current ruler of Dorne House Martell House Arryn House Frey House Tully House Greyjoy House Martell House Bolton House Tyrell House Lannister House Blackfyre House Martell House Tyrell House Greyjoy House Martell House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House Lannister House Targaryen House


    How To Crack:

  • Download the setup
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System Requirements:

Minimum: OS: Mac OS X 10.5 (or 10.4) with 1 GB RAM (32-bit) CPU: 1.33 GHz Hard Drive: 1 GB Video: 1280 x 1024 Other: Adobe Photoshop CS2 (4.0) RECOMMENDED: Hard Drive: 2 GB


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