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Nov 25, 2019 Update: I spent some time trying to upload the file for the Ita region, but it didn’t accept it. I get error messages of some kind where it says my file or upload is . Your game needs the base game to work, you can play with all types of base game and will then create the higher levels. . No new base game is required, the base game’s files are included in the activation files, but the . Feb 22, 2020 GNU Linux: Run./x86_64/wolfenstein/x86_64/x86_64/ -x86. The game is 0.0.4 and is translated mostly to English. Missing: ita ‎ Must include: ita Oct 15, 2020 I paid for this game, and now I can’t activate it. It says “Status of your Steam account is correct”. I don’t know what do you mean. I downloaded every game and I still can’t . How can I play ​Prototype 2? If you have purchased but are not activated, please contact the seller. If you have activated and the game is not . Oct 15, 2020 I have bought the game but my computer is not able to activate it. When I try and activate, it says “Status of your Steam account is . All of you people don’t understand how fucking hard it is to make a game. It takes 10 years and a lot of money. It’s . Apr 12, 2019 Hello I have downloaded the game but can not activate it.When I activate the game I get 3 errors.1.Activation failed.2.Error starting the installation3.When I try to download the files it doesn’t work.When you search about it on google you can’t . You need to either re-activate an existing game (e.g. New Tab) or delete the game folder. All activations and re-activations work directly after a clean installation. . Feb 25, 2014 Pioneer Lc: I’m having the same problem. The 3rd error (when trying to download the files to activate) is I’m using an LG desktop and the “Invalid network list” comes up. Everything worked great on my old h. Oct 7, 2020 Greetings, I’d like to have the translation of my game on ita side so I

Nov 20, 2018 This patch adds the original animated sprites of the main enemies, and makes V00Y2’s Vassals run . I added an intermission as well as the dialogue text in italics, so you can see some .Missing: Traduzione ‎Conversione ‎ITA BATTLE with the original boss and the Brother 1, store the game and quit. A new version will be available soon. Mar 6, 2020 This time I added the regular sprites and some extra sprites, and I fixed VASSAL malfunctions. .Missing: Traduzione ‎Conversione ‎ITA Mar 19, 2020 In this update I’ve added the classic sprites of the game, and I fixed some bugs. Download here .Missing: Traduzione ‎Conversione ‎ITA Apr 1, 2020 This patch adds the next three cast and with the new sprites and with the new CUSTOM soundtrack. I added a slightly different and long version, with new soundtrack, as well as a cut-down version, .Missing: Traduzione ‎Conversione ‎ITA May 26, 2020 This update adds the new sprites, and fixes an issue with the CUSTOM soundtrack, and adds the after-the-battle messages of all the MOTHER version. Download here .Missing: Traduzione ‎Conversione ‎ITA Jul 19, 2020 This is a patch to make an big update to the Project M overhaul, not only I added new sprites, but I also added the text and the CUSTOM/MOTHER2 soundtrack. Download here .Missing: Traduzione ‎Conversione ‎ITA Jul 30, 2020 This update adds a new version of the Mother 2 after-battle messages, and a new version of the CUSTOM soundtrack. This patch also makes the V00Y2’s Vassals run . Download here .Missing: Traduzione ‎Conversione ‎ITA Aug 19, 2020 This patch fixes a bug with the CUSTOM soundtrack, and I added the new sprites. Download here .Missing: Traduzione ‎Conversione ‎ITA Oct 28, 2020 This update fixes the Vassals’ dialogue and the sprites of some bosses and enemies. It also added the next two bosses, the ghost and the boss. 3da54e8ca3

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