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By the way: When I compile and run on Linux using Qt Creator I get a similar message, but it’s better: This is the image of the compilation step of Qt Creator: Note how the application is compiled when I use the QT version of KDE (this is what the ‘Qt version of KDE’ build option does). A: I have not tested on Mac, but on Linux/Qt creator with MinGW it should be possible to add g++ as a compiler using: Project->Properties->C/C++ Compiler->Settings… Under that, add a path of g++. For example: /usr/local/bin/g++ Then click ‘Add, Add new..’ next to “Settings” Repeat the process for QT creator and add your version of Qt. It may also be possible to add/use g++ directly, but I dont know how. Also note: moc -p /usr/local/bin/g++ -o TutorialTutorial.o TutorialTutorial.cpp I think you might need to insert the path to your g++ executable in place of /usr/local/bin/g++ above. Note it may also be possible to add g++ directly, but I dont know how. I think it is not necessary to add g++ directly, the compiler path can be set using the compiler option: /usr/local/bin/g++ -c -Wall -std=c++11 TutorialTutorial.cpp -I/usr/local/include -o TutorialTutorial.o I tried this with Qt Creator and it worked: Note that if you download the source code you do not need g++ or Qt Creator. Just use a text editor to open the source code and compile it. A: I am new to QT and just figured out that you can add g++ in QT creator from Tools->Options->C/C++ Compiler->G++ compiler path. Just copy your path to QT creator. Hope it will help. Edit Qt Creator is just a front end for QT. So, if you have gcc installed on your machine. You should be able to compile using those gcc and qmake commands. Subscribe Two Assault Rifle-Style Rifles Found in Suitcases at Grand

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