Elden Ring is a free fantasy action RPG developed by NieR:Automata and attended by series creator Yoko Taro and series producer Yosuke Hashimoto. With a vivid fantasy world, high-quality graphics and an original story, it has become one of the most popular title in the Fate/Grand Order social application. With Fate/Grand Order, you can challenge challenges within a vast, three-dimensional world in your daily quests and in the specialized quests available in the Gallery. Your horse, your weapon, and your familiar will serve you in battle. • Fate/Grand Order Fate/Grand Order is a free-to-play mobile action RPG game that was developed as a main title for the global action game app Fate/Grand Order. Powered by the social app Fate/Grand Order, the game features a large world, where the original story of the Fate/Grand Order franchise unfolds and a variety of content is provided, such as spells and quests for players to enjoy. -New Life & New Challenges Await You! – Completely New Story of the Fate Series The story begins when the worlds of the Fate series and the Fate/Grand Order universe collide. As the Queen of the Tohsaka Faction, you must decide to fight or to flee from the world called “the Lands Between”. – New Skills and Equipments – New Characters and Classes – New Scenarios and Dungeons — Increase your item drop rate by joining Guilds. — Level up your character to improve the user interface. — Battle with allies from Fate/Grand Order, run a guild, and explore the world of the Fate series. — Create your own story as your name and guild. — Grand Cross Plus: New Skills & Equipments – Expanded All Skills and Monsters – Totally Updated Items: Save your leveling time Stay tuned for more news regarding Fate/Grand Order and other official announcements! You can download the App now! For more information, visit the official website: The game can be played by all devices with iOS11 + and Android 4.0 and up. A notice for the English version for use in North America: /* * Copyright (C) 2018 xuexiangjys(x


Features Key:

  • Barbarian Clan, The Alpine Clan, The Forest Clan, The Rock Clan, and The Dark Clan, and four sub clans that can be used to switch to.
  • Ever-Expanding World: Develop into a powerful boss and expand your territory to the adjacent sections.
  • Combat!: High-powered melee and unarmed combat lets you destroy your enemy with only your fists.
  • Magic!: Craft or produce magic spells.
  • Devil’s Signal: As a physical attack, you can block and direct it to a target. Use “Black Flame” as your attack skill and “Red the Flame” as your defensive skill.
  • A Variety of Skills: Create your own offensive and defensive skills according to your needs.
  • Cao Wen Wang’s Tutor: Call upon the martial arts skills of the master of the Cao family, a family that reigns over the mountains.
  • Seven Greater Demons to Throw Your Weight Behind: Attack at the moast ferocious demon bosses that can demolish players with any fight.
  • About Us

    Although the team at Bahc has been working hard to complete development on this game, it has yet to be released in the Western market. We’ve also been receiving valuable feedback on the game from you, the community, to develop the game even further.

    Please continue to provide this feedback and do not hesitate to ask any questions. The community is important to us and we at Bahc hope that you will have fun using this game. For more information about DanganRonpa and the staff of Bahc please visit the website:


    Gameplay Overview

    Play our FREE online game and give it a try. That’s all we ask!

    Key Features

    Experience the first ever future fantasy RPG and be the leader of a brave guerrilla tribe!



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    7 / 10 (java) Related Games ELDEN RING Teaser Trailer REVIEWS ELDEN RING game: “The game came with an interesting story and is open-ended, which is nice. The battle system is not as simple as I had hoped.” “The open-world aspect is great, and it was a treat to explore such a big world, but I just wanted more boss battles.” “This is a great game, and definitely worth the money. I’m glad I bought it.” “The battle system makes sense in theory, and can be fun, but I found the controls clunky and the recovery mechanic very poor.” REVIEWS ELDEN RING game: “The music, graphics, and art direction are all great, and the voice acting is good.” “The general presentation is good and the dialogue is fun.” “This is a very solid RPG with a great music soundtrack.” REVIEWS ELDEN RING game: “The story is okay, but the gameplay is good.” “The battle system is really solid.” “The dialogue and voice-acting are good.” REVIEWS ELDEN RING game: “The story is very good, and the voice acting is great.” “The gameplay is solid and the battle system is a highlight.” “This is one of the most immersive fantasy RPGs I’ve ever played.” REVIEWS ELDEN RING game: “This game is pretty easy, so you can get into it quickly.” “The combat is interesting, but the battles can be very easy or very hard.” “The story is engaging, although some of the characters are unsympathetic.” REVIEWS ELDEN RING game: “The battle system is fun, and the music is great.” “The game’s story is simple and engaging, and the graphics are impressive.” “The level of complexity is just right, and the combat bff6bb2d33


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    As the story continues, you will be introduced to various Elden Lords and the Lands Between, as you take up a quest to become the new Elden Lord. The Lands Between is a world of a staggering size, with countless meadow, plain, and forest, desolate mountains and desolate seas. Although it is deserted, there are still hidden dangers and creatures, and many kinds of characters can be encountered. The Lands Between is inhabited by various kinds of life. At the time of the War of the Ruby, the Celestials took the form of Guardians to guard the Lands Between. The Guardians’ vampiric nature is a dark secret, and remains unknown in the Aftertime. When the Guardians were on their deathbed, they raised a great cry and awakened the Myth to give rise to a new world. Since that time, many have disappeared from the Lands Between and disappeared. However, when you arrive in the Lands Between, take up the search for them, and finally find them all. As a result of this, players can easily find them in the game and explore this vast world. As you play the game, you can encounter various dragons and other monsters that dwell in the Lands Between. For example, if you arrive in the Lands Between after the Guardians awaken, you can encounter dragons in the distance. If you defeat them, they will be supported by strong Knights and Ministers, so you will encounter a fierce battle if you go to that area. If you encounter them, defeat them, and search for hidden items, the Knights will help you by strengthening your skills and magic, while the Ministers will provide you with various items and equipment for your use. Dragon King — Dragon King is a character that appears in the game, who is said to rule the Dragons of the Lands Between. Dragon King is a strong character. If you defeat him, he will support you with a great number of Knights and other monsters, and will bring forth the power of the Dragons. You can encounter it randomly in the game. If you defeat it, you will gain powerful equipment and items. In addition, by meeting it, you will be able to obtain a special bonus item. Elden Lord— Elden Lord (the first character to become an Elder in the game) — Elden Lord is the first character to become an Elder, who faces the true power that is the Elden Ring. If you defeat him, his power will be shown


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    "THE GREATEST FANTASY RPG" The best immersive fantasy adventure!

    • Explore the Lands Between Explore the Lands Between in every direction. Turn to the east and discover a mysterious land where dungeons brimming with encounters and monsters emerge. Turn to the west to see a vast rural scenery strewn with monsters. Wherever you turn, catch a glimpse of the awakening legend, sweeping up the humble winds and keeping watch over the lands.
    • Meet the Queen of Chaos In the Capital, worship the Goddess of Plague and learn of the epic tragedy that yearned for awakening. As you wander along the streets and visit the homes of the people, you are sure to hear the rumors that the Queen of Chaos no longer sleeps and that the coming of the Queen of Chaos is approaching.

    "The Adventure Begins" It’s time to choose your destiny.


    Rise, Tarnished! the new fantasy action RPG developed by Star Child with financial support from Star Child, is planned for a worldwide launch in the first half of 2014 in both English and Japanese for both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Star Child and Omega Force produced the game with support from 3B, and this past September, Star Child released a trailer showcasing their new production.]

    Genealogy of Story Characters

    The “Elements of Change” was released in June, and this past December, it was announced that the process of adding new characters to the “Elements of Change” was set to start.

    Now we have information regarding the beginning of Character Design. All of you should be aware that the “Elements of Change” series is the process of adding and erasing character across a wide variety of fields. To ensure stability in the development phase, we have decided to hold the process of adding new characters for a few months. While this is underway, we are preparing the launch of our premium service.


    The Genealogy of Story Characters has begun.


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    Hi! 3.8GB, you’ll need to extract it. Download the game from the links below. All-Stars Full Game Added more information, updated download links Updated Game Pack Support Updated Wagon Support Added more information Updated Play Speed to 2x Updated Optimization Updated the game to continue running Updated Bugs in the game Fixed Game Pack Support Fixed some bugs Updated the game to continue running Fixed Draw bugs when beat the Boss Fixed some bugs Fixed the game to continue running Added some more information Updated the game to continue running Updated the game to continue running Updated Glove support Updated Optimization Added to the game Updated Game Pack support Added some more information Updated the game to continue running Updated in-game video to be found Added some more information Updated the game to continue running Added some more information Updated the game to continue running Added some more information Updated the game to continue running Updated the game to continue running Updated Play Speed to 2x Added more information Fixed some bugs Updated the game to continue running The mobile game is under the terms of the GNU General Public Copyright, its programmers, and the service providers. Copyright (C) 2015 MySoft, Inc. This app has no advertisements. Play this game for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux and Android devices. * Games for these platforms are being developed and will be added to the library soon. * The Windows and Mac versions of the game cannot be shared between the Mac and Windows platforms. Tarnished Lands Between is a fantasy action RPG by MAGNUSCORE, the company that brought you All-Stars: War. In Tarnished Lands Between, you must perform magnificent feats to ascend to the seat of glory and become an Elden Lord! Tarnished Lands Between immerses you in a fantasy action RPG full of drama and excitement. Open world: Like the exploration of a new world. Classless, heavily customizable build your own character system. Choose from four characters, and let your hero develop into your play style! Epic choices to be made with your character class and equipment! You decide what the fate of the world will be! Play as a pure illusionist and perform mind-boggling magical feats! The glamourous illusionist wielding a gun is now a reality! Turn enemies into allies


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    Artwork: I am imaging on the Octocat to be the animal, nature & live in this water world.
    (Otomo: I also added the words “water world” into Otomo’s quote from the trailer, It’s kinda like when you read a play and the author ends the play with one sentence.)

    Game Tree: I lost my notes from my game tree a while ago, but I always liked the idea of the broken gears.. were the fragments taken from the literal tree in Genesis… Yeah, shattering, the idea.. game tree crashing. The Shattered Forest (vs the Moon) As the Hunt of the Huntress Sun and Moon stand on opposite ends of the stage.



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) 1 GHz Processor 2 GB RAM 1024×768 Screen Resolution DirectX 8.0 Microsoft Silverlight Player (Required) DVD/CD-ROM Drive Network (Internet connection required) Install Notes: This program includes the demo version of the game. Please activate the full version by purchasing this application. The full version includes the same features as the demo version, but it also includes the English and Japanese voices. Please contact


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