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.5 things we learned at the opening day of the Commonwealth Bank Future’s Global CEO Forum Published Date: More than 1,000 leading chief executive officers from around the globe met in London for the opening day of the Commonwealth Bank Future’s Global CEO Forum, held in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies. The focus of the programme was on the future of work, and Michael Blythe, the Commonwealth Bank’s Chief People Officer, and the keynote speaker, opened the day with a look into the topic of the Future of Work. Here are 5 things we learned: 1. The Future of Work: it’s about more than just jobs “The Future of Work is about the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual. It’s about ensuring as many people as possible are able to access jobs, and those jobs can provide sustainable incomes and allow people to build a personal life with a sense of purpose and meaning. It’s also about the rights and freedoms of employees and employers in the job market. “As well, if we are to take full advantage of new technologies and disrupt our ageing workforce we need to consider all our options – from the outdated skills required to be successful in the job market, to the dislocation of technological advancement.” 2. No two economies are the same. “Governments are in a position to drive the change, but we have to think very differently about individual and collective well-being and economic success. Governments must provide fiscal and social policy support to complement our digital economy. We need to support access to people, finance and technology for all.” 3. People matter. “It is a core belief of the Future of Work and no matter where you are in your career – as employee or employer, women or men – you have a role to play in growing the power of the economy. Women are under-represented in senior positions in the workforce. But in the UK, more women than ever before are now in the workplace. It is time to correct this imbalance and no policy can do it alone. The forum saw commitment to gender equality in the workplace from all the speakers.” 4. As the global population ages, work will become more diverse. “There will be new priorities for people to be flexible and more aspirational in their expectations. In 2016, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found 15% of people globally were not looking for work. This rises to 16

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