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Professional Window Glass Design: Designing Your New Glass, From Start to Finish Design by XYZ Design, Our window glass designers are experts in matching your existing windows, skylights and adding drapes to suit your needs. I live in Newport, we design and install new glazing throughout the region for : replacing glass panels, replacement windows, skylights, sunrooms, and so much more. Come in and see our product. In addition to our glass design, installation services, we can help with : glazing, windows, and much more. Detailed Window Glass Design. Not all of these glass options are available in all of our window styles. In addition, some of these may require being ordered for your window in our factory. We offer a wide variety of glass options in your area in numerous types of sizes, shapes, and patterns. You can choose from a wide range of options like: Brasilia is the most imaginative home decor store you will ever find. We bring your ideas to life with our wide selection of furniture, lighting, and accessories. Browse our home goods for the best home accessories, small kitchen necessities, and much more. From drapery panels to rain-gutters, we cover it all in our in-house studio.import _ from ‘lodash’; import { DATA_FILTER, DATA_SELECT } from ‘./const’; class DataTable extends Component { state = { data: undefined, selectedRow: undefined, selectedCol: undefined, columnSelected: false, }; selectRow = (rowData) => { this.setState({ selectedRow: _.find(rowData, (n) => n.recordId === this.state.selectedRow.recordId), selectedCol: false, }); }; selectColumn = (colData) => { this.setState({ columnSelected: _.find(colData, (n) => n.recordId === this.state.selectedRow.recordId)!== null, }); }; render() { const { columns, selectedRow, selectedCol, data } = this

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